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For those who love the movies and book series by J. K. Rawlings, the Harry Potter fan fiction sites offer the ultimate fans the ability to create their own endings, story lines, and what they would hope would happen to the characters, and their plot line. There are many different fan fiction sites on the web, allowing those who join a particular site, to talk about the books and movies, talk about the series, and talk about what they wish would have happened in the movies, or how they wish the series would have ended. Although there are no requirements to join a fan fiction chat site, the fans who do join these sites are ultimate Harry Potter fans, and know every aspect of the series, all character names, and all the plot and storylines which took place throughout the entire series.

How to join?

If you are looking to become a member of a Harry Potter fan fiction site, there really are no requirements to join as far as money investments, no writing of cheap checks is required. However, you do have to be an ultimate fan, know the ins and outs of the entire series, and have an in depth knowledge of the character base in order to be able to understand the fan fictions written, and in order to be able to offer your own inputs into the site. There are several sites to consider, and being a member is a way to interact with Harry Potter fans around the world, not just in the UK, and to be able to really interact with, and talk about the series and the characters, while putting out your own opinions and thoughts about the series.

Rules & Regulations

Generally, the person who starts the fan fiction site will make the rules and regulations which will dictate what members of the fan fiction site can post, what is not allowed, the language guidelines, and whether or not, and how, you can contact other members on the site. Although the site rules are not very strict, they will generally dictate that certain language is not to be used, and certain terms may not be discussed on the fan fiction site. For those members who do not abide by the rules, they will generally be removed from that fan fiction site, and will no longer be able to post their reviews, and what they want to talk about, with the current members of that site.


There are specific terms which have become commonplace in all of the fan fiction sites for Harry Potter fans on the web. So, knowing the specific terms, and what they mean, especially if you are new to the site, will allow you to more easily communicate, and post your own fan fictions on the site. The terms: angst (deals with emotionally distressing situations by a character), Dark! (the character is a "dark one"), Slash (homosexual relationship), and several other terms, are used in many of the sites. So, if you are a member of several fan fiction communities, knowing the common terms, which are common in all of the sites you use, will allow you to more easily read the storylines, understand what other members are saying, and post your own fan fictions to give your input into the site as well.

No matter which fan fiction posts you join, and no matter what you want to add to the post, there are several out there on the web to consider. All forums will allow you to have your voice heard, your input considered, and will allow you to communicate with other Harry Potter fans from around the world. So, although the series has come to an end, the ultimate fans can still keep their favorite characters alive, via their fan fiction posts, and still communicate their love and admiration, both for the book series, as well as the film series.

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